Adding Spice to Your Furniture

When it comes to my wardrobe, I’m more of a plain blue jeans paired with crazy cool shoes kind of person. You see, those jeans can be worn a million different ways, depending on what else is worn with them – whereas funky purple and yellow polka dot pants are pretty much limited to that one single look. Now, those crazy spots might look out of this world, but they lack the adaptability that my plain old jeans are brimming with.

Same rules can be applied to decorating and furnishing your home. For my major pieces, I always try to choose things that can adapt to new looks and take on a new personality whenever I need it to. So, I start with my plain, simply futon cover, and I turn it into anything I want it to be.


From Plain Jane to Crazy Mary

Think of your plain futon cover like a blank canvas, just waiting to be turned into a beautiful piece of art. Actually, it’s more like an Etch-A-Sketch, that you can shake up over and over, drawing something completely new and different each time. The type of pillows, throws or anything else you add will dramatically change the entire look of the futon.

Whether you’re using a muted neutral color, or a loud, bold color, a quick accessory change can take it from one look to another totally different look instantly. I prefer doing this, because I end up getting much more use out of my plain futon covers. No matter the season or how the trends and even how my style preferences change over time, a plain futon cover can adapt to those changes like a patterned one never could.

Of course, I do love striking fabrics that make a statement, but when it comes to versatility and getting the most use out of a futon cover, in my opinion, plain is a great choice. Change up a few pillows, and it’s like you’ve got an entirely new futon cover and look.

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